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Byarums Bruk

An industrial craft for the next century. And the next.

Ever since 1947 they have have stuck to the same principle: only to use Recycled aluminium in their products and to make the moulds from a mix of natural sand from lake Vättern, clay, soot and water. This is a mix that is entirely free from chemical additives and forms a closed system so it can be used over and over again.

“Making quality products with an environmentally friendly production makes me and my staff very happy and proud”
Joakim Ståhl, CEO
Litterbin beside a stairway
Black flower pots next to architectural pillars
Sustainable design with sand from 1947

Sand casting is the common factor in everything that Byarums Bruk produces. It is a technique that requires the finest craftsmanship. The casting works is thus preserving an old craft tradition and using it to create objects for the present day and for our future. This is not the only benefit. Production is environmentally sound, since every stage builds on the principle of reuse and recycling. The raw material is, as mentioned, recycled aluminium. The casting sand is used over and over again for new moulds. Some of the grains of sand undoubtedly date back to 1947, when the sand depot was filled for the first time. The finished objects are highly durable and remain just as beautiful year after year, decade after decade. Byarums Bruk is one of a few companies that live up to the concept of sustainable design.

Fountain and benches in beautiful park environment
Sharp minds and deep experience

The technique requires a sharp mind, extreme care and skillful hands. Just as an experienced baker tests the dough with finger- tips to check if it has risen fully, the casting workers rub the sand between their fingers to check whether the moisture content is right, depending on what they plan to cast and the prevailing weather. Production at Byarums Bruk is in other words reliant on a level of craftsmanship that is becoming increasingly prized today. Deep experience – developed through years of practice and often passed from generation to generation – is essential to achieve quality in production based on craft skills.

classic sofa next to beautiful wall
Flowerpot in front of old building

"The puzzle we made in collaboration with The PUZL is a fantastic gift for our ambassadors and friends"
The PUZL × Byarums Bruk

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