High perspective No.3

Looking for a unique experience of Hotel Amanpuri's beauty? Try this jigsaw puzzle and recreate the tranquility of this serene escape. Follow the stunning stairway down to the secluded Pansea Beach and immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere.

The Box

It´s all in the details

Experience the ultimate puzzle challenge with The PUZL's unique design. Our 502-piece puzzle is made of solid black board, featuring a one-of-a-kind motif exclusively developed by us. With two separate prints of the motif and its story, our puzzle is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Once complete, the puzzle measures 40 x 56 cm, giving you a stunning work of art.

A piece of art for peace of mind.

It was a simple idea that sparked the creation of The PUZL: to combine a passion for interiors and modern art with a love for the gratifying activity of doing jigsaw puzzles. Spreading joy and beauty through an off-screen activity together with family and friends. Where the inner journey is the destination.


High Perspective by Björn Ceder

There are so many enchanting places around the globe to see, we couldn’t possibly make jigsaw puzzles of them all. But these breathtaking destinations – captured from above by photographer Björn Ceder –  are definitely worth relaxing your eyes on. The photos are like windows to hidden gems of the world.

”Jigsaw puzzles bring people together and provide a refreshing break from screens. Let your senses engage in the fun of piecing together something beautiful from chaos.”

Joel Enhörning, founder

Limited edition

Friends by Peter McDonald

Looking for a colorful and unique addition to your art collection? This limited edition puzzle and art prints, created in collaboration with Peter, feature his trademark candy colors, bubble shaped heads, and transparent effects. With only 250 pieces produced, this exclusive collection is perfect for art enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike. Plus, with every purchase, we donate 10€ to charity.

Selected from Journal

15 / 05 / 2022

Björn Ceder

Our friend Björn Ceder is an experienced creative director and photographer based in Sweden. He is inspired by slow living, architecture, nature, travel, fashion, and food. Björn's passion for photography has taken him around the world. He has a goal of visiting some of the world’s most beautiful places across all continents – off the main tourist routes and the traditionally luxurious destinations.

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The PUZL × Everyday Hero

With its coveted Zimmerman boots, the fashion brand Everyday Hero has been well-known in its niche since the start in 2013. The belief in an active design management philosophy and the conviction around offering unique products is something we share. In close collaboration with like-minded companies, The PUZL develops brand-strengthening jigsaw puzzle experiences.