Location: London
Work: Graphic Designer
Instagram: @kajsashus & @dent_de_leone
Webb: dentdeleone.com
Photo: Petra Bindel
Instagram: @petrabindel
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Kajsa Ståhl

Meet a creative PUZLer.

Everything about Kajsa Ståhl is personal, unique and interesting. Her black house with a flamboyant roof terrace stands out in a sophisticated way in London’s creative area Hackney. With customers and collaborations all over the world, it is important for this multicreator to be able to switch between work and relaxation. A straight right is apparently one way.


Kajsa, can you tell us about this fantastic home of yours?

I named my house “The Black House”. In my job I work with many creatives, and therefore my house is mirroring this. Each object is a memory from a project. My kitchen is made by Martino Gamper, some chairs by Max Lamb, a beautiful ceramic by JB Blunk, a painting by Ryan Gander, a lamp by Francis Upritchard, two door handles by Max Fromeld, a recycling locker by Dean Edmonds, japanese lacquer ware cups by Åbäke, ceramic wind bells from Arcosanti, Arizona. I hope to continue collecting objects as memories.

You are a graphic designer, artist and a publisher. How do you keep up with everything?

I am a partner of 4 in Åbäke (Graphic Design), and also another partner of 4 in Dent-De-Leone (publishing house), and also I am Kajsa Ståhl. Somehow they are all interwoven, I work from home, and I love that I can plan my time as I want. I can choose to work on a Sunday, and therefore have a Monday off for example. Also I am a co-parent, meaning I only have my daughter every second week, this also gives me more time.

There seems to be a lot of activity and creativity around you. Do you manage to relax?

I train a lot at my gym, this is not exactly relaxing, but somehow works as brain therapy too, as it gets me out of the house. After training I work better and feel more relaxed. I share an allotment with friends, like a summer hut in the city. I love watching films, and TV series. But maybe the most relaxing thing is to walk, I mainly walk around Victoria Park. What I do miss is the possibility to make a fire more often. A fire is like old school cinema. And of course I can not wait to have the limited Peter McDonald puzzle to relax with ;0).

What is your weirdest craving?

Spinach, I really love steamed spinach. I also crave liquorice and chocolate.

Unique design kitchen in London
You have lived in London since 1998, which are your favourite places right now?
  • Banya No.1
    A Russian spa with sauna.
  • Momosan shop
    Homewares and objects made by skilled independent craftspeople, conveniently located on my street.
  • Leilas Shop & Café
    Community cafe and grocers in Arnold Circus.
  • The Prince George
    A traditional British pub, with a huge map of the world to gaze at.
  • Fit This gym
    A gym located in central Hackney.
  • Café Cecilia
    Chef Max Rocha, now in Hackney.
  • Goodhood
    Little bit too cool for school, but I love their clothes.
  • Sir John Soane’s Museum
    The extraordinary collections amassed by renowned British architect Sir John Soane, including antiquities, furniture, sculptures, architectural models and drawings, and paintings.
White bedroom with a big artwork
Which one is your favourite tattoo?

The “Eye” on my arm. One eye is with me, the other eye is with my best friend Nina. The eyes are slightly crossed eye, but we can see well when together.

Do you have a life motto? If so, how does your life motto influence your everyday decisions?

“Start today. Do it. If you make a mistake, you can start over.” A stolen quote not sure by who. I suppose this motto makes it ok not to be perfect, but also to dare.

Tell us about your favourite go-to dish?

Steamed (6 min) spinach, compressed, then add sesame seeds and soya, cut in small pieces, eaten with chop sticks.

Which is your most played song on Spotify?

“Good days” by SZA

Finally, tell us about one or two projects that you are working on right now?

A fun one is a record sleeve “More Hertz” for the French band Air, celebrating 20 years since the first release in 2001. Another is graphics for an exhibition called “Our Silver City, 2094” at Nottingham Contemporary. The exhibition travels to the end of this century, featuring works from the last 400 million years. It is an exhibition-as-sci-fi-novel, or vice-versa. The catalogue is a published novel rather than an ordinary exhibition catalogue, it really is the perfect companion to a show, as you can take it home and continue the travel.

black and white bathroom